Article Submission Services

Article submission to targeted content sites, forums/groups and  article directories is an important part of any off-site optimization program.  As the search engines become more sophisticated in their ranking software it becomes less and less possible to use optimizing tricks to fool them into giving a site a high ranking.  Luckily, if you do the steps needed to make your site interesting and useful to the visitor you will be making your site appear valuable to the search engines as well.

No time to write the article yourself?  We can have our staff content writer do it for you.

Relevancy and popularity

Both relevancy and popularity are affected by links to your site from other related sites on the web.  By submitting articles to directories, forums and targeted content sites you can establish these links.  Search engines seeing these links will consider your site an important part of the Internet community.  People will also see your articles, find them of interest and click through to your site, generating free traffic and possible clients or customers.

The Problem
It takes hours and hours to find the proper places to submit your site, fill out the forms and do the submission.  Most web site owners don’t have the time for this.

The Solution
I bet you guessed.  We can do this for you.  For a small fee we will submit your article to hundreds of targeted sites, increasing your site popularity, credibility and potential traffic.  Over 31,000 people will get the chance to see each article and have a chance to go to your site.

If you don’t have articles to submit we can write them for you.

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