Content Writing

Content writing is vital to your website and business promotion online.  When browsing the web, most people are looking for information about products or services.  Before a potential customer will buy your product or service they need data or CONTENT.

The most important factors in the usefulness of your site are its content.  Quality content will keep people at your site longer thus increasing the chance they will contact you.  It will help when you want to establish link exchanges with other sites.  And it will help with search engine ranking.

But how do you find content for your site?  First of all, you don’t want to just link to content somewhere else on the Web.  To be true content for your site it must be one of your own pages.  The text of the content should apply in the context of you site.

The first place to look for great site content is from your own knowledge and experience.  If you have been involved in an area very long the chances are you have something to say about it; a story, some advice, descriptions of products or services…

For instance, a realtor who has been in business in the same place for a while will have plenty of knowledge of the geography, points of interest, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc. of the area.

If you include (for example)  a page on great restaurants in your city you can then offer a link from your web site to the web sites belonging to the restaurants you mention.  They should then link back to you. By this you will have improved your content while at the same time establishing some links that will be of real interest to your viewers  And the more they like your site the more is the chance these potential clients will recommend your site to others.

The second place to look is elsewhere on the web.  You can often get permission to use all or part of an article written by another as long as you give them credit.  If you are doing a link exchange with another site they web master will often be happy to let you put copy on your site with a byline that links back to theirs.

Just in terms of the general usefulness of your site, try to find content that is not easily available from other similar sites.  Make yours different and interesting.  The search engines may find unique content on your site and thus rank it higher.  Potential customers or clients will find themselves “bookmarking” your site and other sites will have more reason to exchange links with you.