Going Mobile

Mobile Website Design and Marketing

Some Facts About Mobile

* There are four cell phones for every computer on the planet.

*  About half of those cell phone users access the web from their phones.

*  If you have Flash animation on your website it cannot be seen on an iPhone.

*  If you do any advertising you are probably having your potential customers visit your website – half will be looking at it from a Smartphone
or iPhone.

*  A normal website is too slow, too big, too hard to navigate and unreadable in a mobile device.

*  When a mobile user goes to a site that has not been correctly designed for mobile they get frustrated will leave in less than a minute.

*  You are losing business every time a mobile user leaves your site without getting the information they need or contacting you.

Before and After Comparisons

Stop frustrating potential customers.
They make up close to 50% of you website audience.
Give them what they need;
an easy to navigate, quick loading, truly readable version of your website.


What can a mobile site do for your business?

*  I gives your audience just the information they need and in a form they can use.

*  A mobile site is designed to be thumb-friendly and easy to navigate

*  It prevents frustration with your website from losing you business

*  A mobile site provides an easy way for customers to find and contact you.

*  If your business is local, take note that 95% of mobile users have searched for a local business

*  Over 50% of those searching have called the business or visited the location after finding the mobile site

*  Having a mobile site offers a chance to relate specifically to that public offering specials and discounts just for them.

*  Just as a bad mobile experience can send potential business away, a good such experience can create customer loyalty.


What we Offer:

Mobile users are not just looking for your main website to fit on a smaller screen.  The Android and iPhone user is looking for a site that is easy to navigate with a tap of their fingers and one the highlights only the most vital aspects of your business.  The mobile user is usually looking for specific information, such as hours of service, location, directions, phone number, product information or menu items (for a restaurant).  Mobile sites must be streamlined to provide this information.

We offer a mobile site is designed to incorporate your header, logo and color scheme.  It is tailored for your mobile audience and visitors on Android phones and iPhones will be directed to this site instead of the larger one you have that was created to be viewed on a laptop or desktop.

Features Available on our Mobile Sites:

Easy Tap to Call Buttons for Easy Contact

Tap to Email Feature

Contact Form

Interactive Map and Directions

Directions Based on GPS

QR Code to Place on Your Written Promotion

Coupons and Special Discounts

Slide Show / Picture Gallery

Link Back to Your Main Website

Hours of Business

Restaurant Menus

Other Content Pages Such as “About Us”

Social Media Widgets

Compatible with all Major Smartphones including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and  Windows 7 Phones


Your Customers Have Gone Mobile.

Don’t put off answering their needs with a mobile website.

We offer affordable prices and great sites that work in this mobile world

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