Optimized Website Content

A website is a collection of easily accessible content organized around a central theme.

By optimizing your content with logical hierarchy and linked connection without destroying the communication of the content itself you can help your visitors get the most out of your website and help the search engine programs rank each page of your site for the information it offers.

The most important factors in the usefulness of your site are its content.  Quality content will keep people at your site longer thus increasing the chance they will contact you.  It will help when you want to establish link exchanges with other sites.  And it will help with search engine ranking.

The first place to look for great site content is from your own knowledge and experience.  If you have been involved in an area very long the chances are you have something to say about it; a story, some advice, descriptions of products or services…Once you have created the content or had it written by another you need to have it optimized.

Optimization includes such things as:

Unique Meta Tags for each page

Internal links to other pages and places on that page (A very important SEO factor)

Links to outside websites (where applicable)

Headers (Use of H1, H2, and H2 tags)

Just in terms of the general usefulness of your site, try to find content that is not easily available from other similar sites.  Make yours different and interesting.  The search engines may find unique content on your site and thus rank it higher.  Potential customers or clients will find themselves “bookmarking” your site and other sites will have more reason to exchange links with you.

We can create optimized content for your website or off-site optimization, such as articles or blog posts or optimize the content you already have.

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