Reputation Management


Your Online Reputation Has Everything to do with Your Offline Success

Whether you are having trouble with some bad reviews or if you simply don’t have enough good reviews or Internet presence we can help.

Your online reputation and social presence do matter to your business.

Customer reviews are the new word of mouth and this type of word of mouth is a powerful incentive to others to visit your business or office or to stay far away.  (Nielsen Trust in Advertising Report)

According the Nielsen Report. “Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages” consumer opinions posted online are second only to recommendations from people I know as the most trusted form of advertising.  This is above newspaper articles, websites, newspaper articles, emails and many others. (See Chart of Trusted Forms of Advertising)

Getting lots of positive reviews in the major review websites and parlaying these reviews into even more marketing clout is the goal of Reputation Management.

But first, you must make sure you are listed in these directories with full and accurate data.

So, the most basic form of Reputation Management and Marketing consists of four parts.

Business Directory Listings

Having a strong online presence is key to establishing a positive and powerful presence, and word of mouth.

Show your customers you are serious about your business and help them find you.  Make sure you are listed in the major general directories and those specific to your type of business.  These correct and complete directory listings enhance your reputation, give more places for your business to be found and help in your overall Online optimization efforts.

Discover and Monitor

How is your business perceived online?  Do you have many reviews?  Are people commenting on you in Blogs, Facebook, Twitter or other social media.  What you don’t know really can hurt you.  With our “Reputation Report Card” you get a free and easy look at where your business stands online and in the minds of consumers.


By staying on top of your online reputation you can discover and respond to any negative reviews swiftly.  You can show you are trying to fix any perceived problem and frequently turn the negative into a positive.  When you receive a positive response many directories and websites allow you to respond and thank the person giving the review.  This lets other consumers know you are there for them as well.

Generate Additional Reviews

Consumer research demonstrates that a minimum of 6 – 10 good online reviews are needed to show you are the real thing.  Many people love to give reviews, both good and bad, and need no reminder to hop online and state their opinion on Yelp or CitySearch, Google or Twitter.  Others may need a nudge.  There are some terrific and honest ways to get those people who normally don’t think about giving reviews to go online and share their good opinions about you.

Find our where you stand.
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