Specialty Site Promotion Services

Pay Per Click Management Consulting
If you have the interest and time to run your own pay per click management accounts with Yahoo, Google or MSN we can help you.
This consulting service includes:
Search Term Selection
Ad Group and Campaign Set Up
Ad Writing
Budget Determination
Explanation of how to best manage accounts of each search engine

Local Online Advertising
More and more people are using the Internet to find local businesses of every kind.  If you do not have a website or are not promoting that site online you are missing out.  There is a special way we can set up your online advertising to get your site found by visitors who use Google, Yahoo, MSN or Superpages without wasting money on click charges from visitors out of your local area.

At Ultimate Site Promotion we are experienced in setting up and running local online advertising campaigns to ensure you get the most out of your budget and don’t waste your money on incorrectly targeted clicks.

Search Term Research
People searching for products or services on the search engines do so by typing in “keywords” or more accurately “search terms”.   General terms such as “weight loss” are fine if you have an unlimited budget or if you don’t mind being on page two or three of the search engine results.

However, what you really want for your pay per click search engine advertising is hundreds of niche search terms.   When people type in these longer terms such as “teenager weight loss program” or “losing weight after 50” they know what they are looking for and are far more ready to buy.

We have the experience (and the software) to get you the hundreds of specific terms you need to have a broad based and successful Internet advertsing campaign.
Competitor Research
Imagine being able to find out what search terms your competitors are using in paid search.  What successful ads are they using?  How big is their budget?  How much do they pay for clicks?  How many links do they have going to their site?  What are their positions in the natural search listings?

Don’t know who your biggest online competitors are?  We can find that out for you too.  With all this research information you will be ready to sky rocket your Internet marketing results.

Content Writing
A website is obviously made up of pages.  Each page has a chance to get ranked in the search engines and to attract its own visitors.  Having a large site with lots of content is both good for search engine rankings and for keeping the interest of people going to your site.  A growing and changing site is also better for rankings and visitors.

However continuously creating content for your site is time consuming.  If you are too